We are pet lovers at heart who will be invested in making every attempt to provide the ideal amount of love, attention, and affection your pets need while you are away. 

All of the services and prices listed below may change based on individual needs.

Service Areas 

  • Strawberry Plains
  • New Market
  • Jefferson City
  • Dandrige
  • Morristown

Any home within the service areas that requires us to drive more than 20 miles one-way may require an additional travel fee. 

Meet and Greet

Before a new client can obtain any of our pet sitting and overnight stay or house sitting services, we will need to come to your home to “Meet and Greet” you and all of your pets. We will discuss your needs and have you explain your pet(s) routines.  We will also complete all required paperwork and go over our policies and procedures.  

While many pet sitting organizations charge for a meet and greet, we do not.  You are under no obligation to obtain services as a result of this visit.  However, we reserve the right to refuse service if a pet and/or circumstances are not good candidates for our services.

Price:  $0. 

Please note:  any home within the service areas that requires us to drive more than 20 miles one-way may require a small travel fee for this service. 

First Aid, CPR, and Medication Administration

While providing care for your pets, we account for their overall safety.  We are dog and cat First Aid and CPR certified.  

We can also administer medication to your pet.  We do not charge anything extra if your pet’s medication is administered with a treat or hidden inside food. However, medications such as injections and subcutaneous fluids require more expertise, and therefore require an additional charge.

Pet Sitting Visits

Pet sitting visits are designed to give pets companionship, food and water, and mid-day potty breaks for dogs.

Visits are provided between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. within windows of time.  Exact time specific appointments are not available except in emergency situations. 

Holiday visit:  add $5 fee per visit

Less than 24-hour cancellation:  $10

During severe inclement weather, a $20.00 weather surcharge may apply. This policy generally coincides with Jefferson County Schools being closed or if the government is shut down.

Pet Sitting Visit includes:

  • Potty breaks for dogs
  • Playtime or companionship for all pets
  • Treats or meals and water
  • Medication, if required
  • Lots and lots of love and attention!

Overnight Stays and House Sitting

These visits are subject to sitter availability.

Your pet sitter will stay with your pets for 12 hours from approximately 6pm until 6am the next morning, or until the morning routine has been completed. 

We love all animals, not just dogs and cats, and will happily care for them while you are away.  Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Less than 48-hour cancellation:  50% of fees 

During severe inclement weather, a $20.00 weather surcharge may apply. This policy generally coincides with Jefferson County Schools being closed or if the government is shut down.

Overnight Stay Includes:

  • Playtime and companionship
  • Fresh food and water for both supper and breakfast
  • Medications, if required
  • Litter box cleaning
  • Cage cleaning for animals who need it
  • Dog waste pickup
  • Attention and lots of love – as if they were our own!
  • All House Sitting chores listed below

House Sitting Includes:

  • Bringing in papers, mail, packages
  • Watering house plants
  • Opening/closing blinds
  • Alternating lights
  • Taking out/bringing in trash and recycling

Please note:  If you have one or more dogs and you will be gone for more than 8 hours after we leave in the morning, for the well being of your pet(s) you will need to have additional daytime visits charged at the regular pet sitting rates.  

Vacation Pet Sitting Visits (Non-Overnight)

If you are going to be away from home but do not need us to spend the night, we are happy to care for your pets so they can remain at home.  Please call for a quote.  

Poop Patrol

There may be any number of reasons why you would need someone to get rid of pet waste for you.  While we are performing any of the other services we provide, we can also clean up pet waste in the home or in the backyard.  This is available by appointment and can be a standalone visit or added to your regular pet sitting visit or overnight stay.

Add-on Cost: $8

Stand Alone Costs:

First 15 minutes: $15

Each Addition 15 minutes:  $8

Pet Supply Pickup 

If you are too busy or out of town, we can make the trip to buy pet supplies when you cannot.  We can get the food, cat litter, or other pet supplies to take care of any of your pets.  

We will shop at a nearby pet supply store.  If a particular store is requested, depending on the distance, additional costs may be incurred.

Cost:  $20 in addition to the amount of the supplies.

Lock Box 

We offer a lock box for a $15 one-time fee, yours to keep. 

Your key/lock box may be attached to a mutually agreed upon location.  Your key will never leave your property and the lock box allows us to access your home for subsequent visits.  We can use a garage code for home access, but a lock box is still needed as a back-up due to possible garage door failure or power outages.  

If you have a lock box of your own or a front door keypad, this purchase is not necessary. 


For overnight or vacation services 50% of the payment is due at time of scheduling.  The balance is due on the first day of service.

Payments can be made via all major credit or debit cards or cash.  Payments using debit or credit cards will incur a 3% processing fee.